ENVY is a creative collective and publication harboring stories of young emerging queer and POC artists. As vanguards in our communities, we are here to bridge the gap between academia and art. ENVY was born through the desires to embody the traits of the artists we seek to become, and are on the journey of becoming. Rather than bargaining with the distance between where we want to go and the present, forever looped in the cycle of want and lack, the collective urge wills us to become which we envy. Redefined as a reclamation of the creative fuel that prompts the inevitable evolution of an artist. 

ENVY’s current home is in the desert diaspora of Phoenix, Arizona, but has seeds planted in Los Angeles, California, and New York, New York.

Through embracing the digital age and teeming artistic communities we all inhabit, ENVY serves to democratize the landscape of what a magazine can shapeshift into, and to service the voices making noise within that space. A new artistic habitat, championing the voices of image makers, writers, musicians, designers, directors, painters, sculptors, and the new art mediums that will emerge. With storytelling as our stabilizer, our voices serve as translators to an accessible medium of language that both praises exceptional individuality and innovative community efforts to elevate the collective pursuit of finding meaning in our surroundings.