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Images and Words by Casey Stewart


(some of) the grains

the grimacing sniff.

the hypothetical stomp.

the beckoning clench

the sleepy haunt.

the glorious ditch.

the luminous drudge.

the fortified trance.

the slamming glance.

the awkward riff.

the boggy harp.

the full bit.

the cryptic blurb.

the stifled plume

the wilted yearn.

the salted couth.

the riotous spaz.

the skimpy skeev.

the odious hue.

the livid posh.

the embodied freeze.

the stagnant egg.

the smoking lace.

the laborious stint.

the voluminous twang.

the personable shit.

the dreaded gleam.

the crippled chortle.

the unprecedented molt.

the diced minute.

the mailable stiff.

the inflamed wretch.

the opulent guise.

the dominant loop.

the permanent fault.

the gullible doe.

the punctual jest.

the criminal know.

the dainty fix.

the reimbursed tear.

the unnerving slew.

the careless meek.

the stolid yes.

the convoluted tell.

the frivolous sin.

the bountiful rash.

the fractured glam.

the tinged glitz.

the tender loom.

the serene rot.

the stumbling ditz.

the pleading chuff.

the crooked screw…

the grains, both all in your head and right in front of you. the bits of bits.
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