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Everett Milloy

Lily Moskowitz

Saint Sissy & Anitah Diggs

Joe Denzak, Casey Stewart, Stefano Contreras, Jacob Heinkel, Jasmin Lily, Julie Page, Sarah Donahue, Aaniyah Tinson, Malia Ross, Destiny Montoya, Jules Kalita, Aayeh Aziz, Savi, Andre, Sara

Named after the Latin phrase for “in the middle of the action,” this series captures the particular intimacy in the act of dressing up. An homage to the slide film work of Nan Goldin & an ode to playtime, pleasure, and performance, these images celebrate the process of beautifying and the joyful chaos in the stages of in-between. It is haphazard voyeurism, crimson velvet queerness, and pregame boudoir. It is wearing your mother’s heels and cigarettes inside. It is fully dressed in the bathtub, it is red wine stained smiles, it is ENVY.


EVERETT MILLOY makes a mean cocktail & romanticizes the rodeo. He is a victim of the nostalgia compulsion and he is the only cook in the kitchen.

LILY MOSKOWITZ  does not know the time and prefers her eyeliner smudged. She listens to Amy Winehouse when getting ready & cannot paint nails with her non-dominant hand.  

SAINTSISSY is a divine hoe, whore and slut who practices queer hedonism at its finest. an entity, saintsissy explores the dichotomies between the absurd and the mundane, the fiction to non-fiction, things imagined and things that have transpired. sainsissy hopes to reunite worlds as one. one day, somehow.

ANITAH DIGGS loves to keep it cute!

DESTINY MONTOYA is a collage artist and aspiring art curator. She enjoys reading and has a close relationship to her Sony Cybershot. Curating playlists on Spotify has been her recent obsession lately.

CASEY STEWART likes a red lipstick. Rich, velvety, cherry-sweet.

JOE DENZAK  identifies as a professional hair cutter / stylist / enthusiast / representative of 40 years & has metaphorically received his PhD in hair studies.

STEFANO CONTRERAS  loves: hydroflasks and streaming. Hates: all the things he’s not good at. He’s free after this. 

JULES KALITA is studying psychology and fashion: ironic considering that she needs therapy for her shopping addiction. She exclusively wears Chanel lipstick and only will share it through a kiss.

JACOB HEINKEL is showered in earth tone kisses and lingers wherever citypop might be playing. A daily green tea drinker, he believes the altar is wherever you kneel. 

SARA recently returned from upending her life to move to Italy. She now survives only off pasta and second-hand smoke, has more projects than space on her laptop, and may look cunt but is actually just kinda anxious & is definitely overthinking.

AANIYAH TINSON is a man of many hats. You may find him constantly wearing a different skin in the digital world.

SAVI is chronically offline. She can be found deep in the Phoenix sewer system curating the most underground artists’ work & only resurfaces to pet cute dogs and to support her friends dreams.

MALIA ROSS is just a simple girl– she likes her books a little gay & when she is not modeling, you can find her anywhere you can find the antiques.

JULIE PAGE is a fashion obsessed girl navigating the trials and tribulations of limited closet space.

JASMIN LILY never has matching socks and is perpetually trying to express what it means to love a life that doesn’t always love you back.

ANDRE wears $3 essence clear lip gloss paired with the perfect nude lip liner & is currently obsessed with Raw (2016). Sometimes, a girl just has to eat…

SARAH DONAHUE is a California-born triple water sign who hates the government and loves tamales. This ASU graduate, known as ‘Mini’, spends her days signing, laughing, smoking and taking five hour naps.

AAYEH AZIZ is a young lil bitch with big tits. (She is also an art and fashion creative.)

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