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words by Justine Lavilla

The viral Tiktok trend of making Ins and Outs has completely replaced the traditional New Year’s Resolution list. This time partakers are rejecting and accepting, renouncing and heralding — from exploring new niches like “following Sotce on Instagram” to more abstract views such as “finding beauty in the mundane”. The possibilities are endless with no sight of constraint. To in/out is to be free.

Here’s my beefy list of Ins and Outs for this year of the Dragon — from enjoying butt sex to rejecting male podcasters! 

Having A Roster: Grindr! I’m Keeping The Lights On Baby!!!

Who said non-binary people can’t have sex? Having a constant eater is one of the pleasures of being queer. While the dating pool is piss, the cruising spots are some of the Top 10 wonders of the world for gay people at least (i.e Kiwanis and Papago Park). Having a roster evades your obligations to other people while still enjoying the pleasures of having a partner, or in this case multiple partners. This way, you can also guarantee a safer sex practice, but that also comes with some hefty conversations with your NSA partner.
Eat More, Cry Less.

Personal Style As An Art Form: Meaning-Making In The Age Of The Internet

Fashion being one of the biggest interests for Gen Z has sparked the whole conversation about originality, with many claiming to have been subjected to being imitated or copied [although I don’t think anyone is ever original in the modern context since everything has been done before with globalization expanded through the Internet]. “Originality” has become more of an abstract form. What makes your style unique is your consumption of fashion. In this case, authenticity serves us more than originality. This year it’s all about asking yourself the important questions: “Why pink bows?” “In what ways do I use fashion as a social currency and how do I leverage myself through the items I put on my body?” “What is the function of this representation?”

Loving Yourself: …And I Guess I Just Want Everyone to Know

This year is about unapologetically being loud about loving yourself – emotionally, physically and mentally. Whatever it may be, let the world (Instagram) know! It’s about celebrating the self, the soul and the mind. It may seem annoying to many but baby it is indeed a celebration to love oneself because that is no easy feat. So go ahead, and tell your followers how buff you are or how good you are at reading college level theory on your Instagram story for everyone to know.

2016 Swag Era: If You Ain’t A Hoe, Get Up Off My Trap House

It is time to bring back a cultural revolution to 2024, in order to heal the nation running amok amidst the continual collapse of the world. Bring back Jamaican Drake on an Afro beat singing about Hennessy and someone who used to call him on his cellphone when she needs his love! The infamous Trapper Hat and Denim Jacket combo worn by Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber (in that one over-fried pic). It is time to Dougie again with slack jeans, an Obey tee and Supra shoes. We need the world peace that Pokemon Go gave society when it dropped on the App Store. 2024 is about to be a good ass year.

Challenging Norms and Questioning Accepted Behaviors: We Are In Dire Need Of Anti-Heroes

Polluted by political correctness and wokeness as social currencies… we, as a society, have strained away from challenging ideas and beliefs for fear of being canceled. Engaging in academic discourse has been trampled by the bandwagon mindset of “progressive liberals” in exchange for safetyism. As much as we need heroes to look up to, we need anti-heroes we can relate to just as badly. It is the year of being comfortably unlikeable!


Taking on too many tasks: How To Have A Year Of Rest And Relaxation

  2024 is about being mindful of how I spread myself. Being mindful of when to expel energy and when to take time to generate energy. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. While aspirations and your thirst for achieving your goals are fantastic ways of staying motivated this year, I personally feel that I often spread myself too thin with taking on too many tasks at once that I end up producing mediocre work. This year I’m elevating my craft and focusing on things that really matter.

Avoiding Valuable Conversations With Friends So As Not To Offend Them: “Is It Better To Speak or To Die”

Perhaps the most important “out” in this list. With the world becoming increasingly politicized, affecting each of our lives, long gone are the acts of staying quiet so as not to offend anyone, especially your friends. Have meaningful conversations and foster growth from one another. Say goodbye to superficial friendships and shallow conversations! This is the year of getting deep and getting real #AF.

Male Podcasters: We Need Carpenters To Build Affordable Housing

There is absolutely nothing that a male podcaster has done for society other than spread misogyny whether intentionally or not. While I think that it’s important to challenge accepted norms and beliefs (and these men sure do), and have these differences explored across plateaus, most of the male podcasts I’ve seen from the last year have always been about regaining/upholding their position in the patriarchy (see: Andrew Tate)  in expense of saying the most vile things about women and other things. Don’t even get me started on the male fashion podcast and their shallow takes on fashion while subsequently managing to only refer to women as “bitches” and “females.”

Cancel Culture: The Whip of the Den Mother

I want to premise this take by first highlighting that there is a difference between social accountability and the bandwagon phenomena that has sparked from cancel culture. I would also like to say that this is on a case-by-case basis but the overall attitude we have accumulated through this culture has not rendered success in actually holding accountability for someone nor has it been a model of morality for society. For the last 10 years or so, cancel culture has been a way for people to wield social prowess with social exile as punishment for people who might have transgressed from socially accepted norms. This bandwagon culture has made engaging in discourse obsolete. We would much rather cancel someone because a handful of people say so rather than let the person argue their case. 

Doubting Yourself: Don’t

Too many things to accomplish to let doubt control your life. Too many things I’ve let go because I didn’t think I was worthy enough. This year, I am replacing doubt with confidence. Long gone are the nights staring at my ceiling as I contemplate what I should have done. This year is about going for it. I hope you do too :) !  

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