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A satirical repurposing of the American suburban glamor aesthetic, reimagined by black, brown and queer bodies. Inspired by the imagery of David Lachapelle and Nadia Lee Cohen, it is critiquing the essence of the picturesque gaudiness of Americana suburban neighborhood cultures. But above all, it’s camp! Meet the neighborhood hunks, aunties, punks, and the mother and daughter who are joined at the hip. Characters that are all too familiar to you whether you have encountered them or not. They could be in your neighborhood too.

Photographer: Omar Soto

Lighting Assistance and Creative Direction: Anitah Diggs and Justine Lavilla

Styling: Models, Justine Lavilla, Anitah Diggs


Riley Wagner

Ethereal Michael

Karmina Grady

Jabria Levine

Qua Newkirk

Tamard Cleary

Thomas Bradley

Patrick Penuliar

Alexander Roseman

Elijah Hannah

Yanna Eghan

Nyachan Gash

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